At College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah Dharamsala, India

The Tibet Fund in collaboration with the Institute of Buddhist Dialectic based in Dharamsala is organizing a month long summer Tibetan study program from July 1st to July 31, 2014 for Tibetan youths over 17 years of age residing in the US and Canada.

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The Tibet Fund seeks a Program Associate to work on projects related to programs and all areas of nonprofit administration, with a particular emphasis on research, development, writing, reporting and submission of major donor, private and federal grant proposals and reports.

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The Tibet Fund Endowment Matching Grant Campaign: Your Generosity Makes a Difference!

The Tibet Fund endowment is born from a desire to bring long term sustainability to the organization, allowing us to serve the Tibetan community more effectively in the future.  Contributions to the endowment fund will be matched, doubling the impact of each donation. Our fundraising goal is $3 million and we have made a modest start by raising $69,000 at our 4th Annual Tibet Fund Gala on October 17, 2013.  Please join the campaign to strengthen our organization and bring a sustainable future to the Tibetan community in exile. A contribution of any amount can make a difference.

Friends of The Tibet Fund:  A Sustaining Partner

We invite you to join “Friends of The Tibet Fund” and become a part of our organization. The Tibet Fund supports the Tibetan community in exile, located primarily in India and Nepal, with its programs and services. As one of the “Friends of The Tibet Fund” your ongoing contributions will help to provide a sustainable future to those we serve.  You could also become a Sustaining Partner of the Tibet Fund or a Leadership Donor.

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In the 1970s, Ken Klein spent four years traveling in Asia during which he met many Tibetan refugees. Away from home, he had repeatedly asked himself one question: “How can I help Tibetans I meet? How can I make a difference in their lives?” When Ken returned to his hometown of Philadelphia to enter his family supermarket business, he encountered a very different life. “Operating a retail business was the opposite of life on the road,” he says. Besides Ken’s many responsibilities (which included raising two boys), he also began to take an active role in Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia. A few years later, the center invited Rinchen Dharlo, President of The Tibet Fund and Ngari Rinpoche, the younger brother of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to give a talk.

Attending the talk led to an awakening in Ken. Ken says: “I found the answer to my question 20 years ago when I was traveling in Asia.” Soon Ken entered a program Fund Raising for Non-Profits at the University of Pennsylvania. At the completion of the program, through The Tibet Fund he came to know about the needs for the Tsering Elders Home in Kathmandu, Nepal where 50 Tibetan elders reside and were in dire need for funding support.

This was how Ken's project ‘Spare Change For Tibetan Elders’ was born. He had coin cans made with a wonderful photo of Tibetan elders waiting to greet His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The cans were then placed in Tibetan shops, health food stores, restaurants, dharma centers and in individual homes. 

“I invite you to help support this project by placing a can at your favorite store, Dharma Center or in your home when you empty your pockets of change, simply place the coins in the can,” he says. Each can hold over $100. Over the past five years, he had raised about $10,000. It takes about $30/month to support each elder at the Tsering Elders Home. His family also supports an elder nun living there. Small change can make a huge difference. Through his project, Ken along with the support of his wife, Marjon, is indeed making a big difference to the lives of elderly Tibetans.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact directly Ken Klein directly at kenklein6@comcast.net

For more information about Tsering Elder’s Home, please click http://www.tibetfund.org/sponsorships/s_elders.html


The Tibet Fund is seeking to raise $250,000 to fully fund the Professional Scholarship Program.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama considers the education of the upcoming generation of Tibetans to be the highest priority of the exile community. He has said that the future of the Tibetan people depends upon well-educated community leaders who safeguard the traditional values of Tibet while integrating the knowledge and skills to be gained in modern education. It is with this in mind that the Tibet Fund began the PSP in 2009.

The Professional Scholarship Program provides scholarships to Tibetan refugee students living in India, Nepal and Bhutan, who are working towards professional degrees in the fields of healthcare, engineering, science and community development. The goal of the program is to enhance the human resources present within the Tibetan exile community. By helping young Tibetans to pursue professional degrees and serve their community, the program hopes to significantly impact the Tibetan people’s welfare and long-term sustainability. The PSP will enable the Tibetan community in exile to become more self-sufficient and will contribute to the overall cohesiveness of the settlements, thereby contributing to the survival of Tibetan culture and identity.

The Tibet Fund currently has $200,000 earmarked for the Professional Scholarship Program, which would be exhausted in five years without additional support.

In order to raise additional funds for the program, The Tibet Fund hopes to invest its current funds into an Indian time deposit Rupee account in Dharamsala, where the current interest rate stands at roughly 9.25%. If this account held $400,000, the yearly interest from the combined funds would be enough to pay for the scholarship of 40 professional students per year. This would allow 400 students to complete their professional education in the next ten years without drawing money from the principle amount held in the account. Thus, with help from donors and the community, we are aiming to raise $250,000 in order to continue the work of the PSP for the next ten years. Click here to find out more…

Mario Cantone, comedian, screenwriter, star of Broadway, The View and Sex in the City, lends his time, friendship and star power to The Tibet Fund to help raise funds for our Professional Scholarship Program.

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Tibetan music sampled from Tenzin Choegyal’s latest new song Om Ma Ni Phad May Hum.  Go to www.tenzinchoegyal.com to hear more.

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